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For emergencies dial 911. (You may also dial 625-8200 for the Shelburne State Police dispatch.)

The Planning Board Wants Your Opinion!

The Conway Planning Board wants to hear from residents, visitors, and owners and workers of businesses in Conway. We want to know about the businesses where you shop, what businesses you think would be successful in Conway, and what types of businesses are already in Conway. This information will help us develop strategies to increase the amount of economic activity happening in Conway, while also preserving the community’s rural character. Greater business activity could mean more local job opportunities, closer access to shopping and services, and an expanded tax base to support important municipal functions.


Two ways to complete the survey: 1) fill it out online at or, 2) fill out a printed copy at the Town Office and the Field Memorial Library. Responses are due by Wednesday, October 18, 2017. All responses are confidential. We appreciate your input. Thank you!

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