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Warrant for May 14 Town Meeting

Please click here to view the warrant for the Monday, May 14 annual Town Meeting. Also, please note that there is a considerable difference between the amount for the budgeted reserve in the warrant and the amount that is going to be stated in the motion. The difference is for two reasons: one, a delayed calculation, and the other, an error in the original calculation. This does not change the amount residents will be taxed, and it also does not change the amount taken from any existing fund. The Community Preservation program is funded through a 3% surcharge on the property tax. (There are exemptions for properties under $100,000 and for seniors who file for exemption.) The figures below are based on that surcharge, as required by state law. The final amounts—which will be in the motion made for this article—will be close to the following:

  • $4,221 from FY 2018 Annual Revenues for Administration of the Community Preservation Committee;
  • $8,443 to the Community Preservation Historical Resources Reserve;
  • $8,443 to the Community Preservation Community Housing Reserve;
  • $8,443 to the Community Preservation Open Space Reserve; and
  • $54,880 to the Community Preservation Budgeted Reserve.
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