Broadband Committee

Two very important Conway Broadband issues:
1.  Conway will hold a special town meeting on Jan. 31, 2011 to vote on important warrant articles that can’t wait until Spring.  One of these is to pass the first of two required votes to establish a Conway Municipal Light Plant Department in preparation for forming a Municipal Co-op known as WiredWest.  The second vote will occur at our annual town meeting, and in early summer towns that have passed the article twice (required by law) will be able to be founding towns of WiredWest, the co-op that will be raising money and extending the state’s fiber optic network to interested homes in Conway and towns across Western Mass.
We’ve scheduled an information meeting about these warrant articles to be held at the Conway Grammar School on Jan. 18th, 2011 at 7PM.  The laws around establishing a Municipal Light Plant will take some explaining.
2.  The wireless internet company GAW presented their plans for bringing internet service to Conway at a meeting last Nov. 8th.  They are gathering the addresses of residents that might be interested in obtaining service and are designing a network to provide it.  If you have not registered, please do so at
By the time you are reading this, GAW should have finished the first pass of a schematic for the network they intend to build, showing how they will get internet from towers on Mt. Tom to homes high on hills in town and then relayed to other homes.  If there is any chance you might be interested, please register now so your home location will be included in this network design.  Their goal is provide service within a few months.

Members: Chair – Bob Armstrong  625-2216