Housing Committee

History: The Conway Housing Committee came into being on April 19, 2006 and held its first meeting on May 22, 2006. The initial members were Gary Fentin, Pixie Holbrook, Ed Lareau, and Woody Paparazzo. Pixie Holbrook was selected as chairperson. Over the intervening years the committee held meetings once a month, typically on Monday or Tuesday evenings.

Mission: The purpose of the Housing Committee is to investigate and/or facilitate the creation and support of affordable housing, which would include affordable senior housing.

The Committee performed a survey regarding the viability of senior housing in Conway.  The report can be seen here…..Senior Housing Survey

Pixie Holbrook – Chair      (413) 369-4609
Ed Lareau
Woody Paparazzo
Pat Lynch – COA Representative

Meeting dates:  TBD