Conway Town Hall, 5 Academy Hill Road

Conway Town Office, 32 Main Street

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Town of Conway
P.O. Box 240
Conway, MA 01341
Fax 413.369.4237
[email protected]
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Town Administrator and Selectboard – Town Office
Tom Hutcheson, [email protected] 369-4235 x3
Joyce Muka- FRCOG Program  [email protected] 369-4235 x-0
Ambulance Director – [email protected]
Jodey Benson 369-4235 x9
Assessors – Town Hall – [email protected]
Natalie Whitcomb, Chair 369-4235 x5
Conservation Commission – [email protected]
Dog Officer/Animal Control Officer
Joseph Colucci 369-4178
Emergency Management Director
Rick Bean 625-8207
Finance Committee
Tanya Campbell – Chair – [email protected]
Fire Chief[email protected]
Robert Baker 369-4087
F.C. Cooperative Inspection Program – Greenfield
James Hawkins, Building 772-2026 x123
James Cerone, Local Inspector 772-2026 x124
Andrew French, Plumbing 772-2026 x125
James Slowinski, Wiring 772-2026 x126
F.C. Solid Waste District Representative
Lynn Rubinstein 802-254-3636
Franklin Regional Council of Governments Representative
John P. O’Rourke 369-4235 x3
Franklin Regional Planning Board Rep – Town Office
Tom Hutcheson – [email protected] 413-369-4235
Board of Health – Town Hall – [email protected]
Carl Nelke – Chair 369-4235 x8
Highway Superintendent – Highway Garage
Ron Sweet – [email protected] 369-4696
369-4235 x# For an emergency, call Shelburne Control at (413) 625-8200.
Historical Commission 
Sarah Williams, Chair    413-369-4487
Field Memorial Library 369-4646
Carol Baldwin, Director ([email protected]) 369-4646
J. Nicholas Filler 369-4748
Parks & Recreation Committee
Dave Beaudet, Chair     d[email protected]
Planning Board
David Chichester – Chair  [email protected]
Police Chief – Town Office
Kenneth D. Ouimette – [email protected]  Call Shelburne Control at (413) 625-8200 if no one answers at the Town Office, or 911 for an emergency. 369-4235 x7
School Committee
Janice Warner, Chair – [email protected] 369-4703
School Superintendent
Dr. Marti Barrett 665-1155
Town Clerk – Town Office
Virginia A. Knowlton – [email protected] 369-4235 x4
Town Counsel
John Fitz-Gibbon
Treasurer/ Tax Collector – Town Office
Janice Warner – [email protected] 369-4235×-2

Assistant Treasurer/Tax Collector

Lynn Kane – [email protected] 369-4235 x1
Tree Warden
Collin Burt 268-0078
Veterans’ Agent
Leo J. Parent, Jr., Central Franklin District 863-3205
Zoning Board of Appeals
John P. O’Rourke, Chair 369-4235  x5