Conway Town Hall, 5 Academy Hill Road

Conway Town Office, 32 Main Street

Town Office, 32 Main Street (right)
Town Hall, 5 Academy Hill Road (far right)

Town of Conway
P.O. Box 240
Conway, MA 01341
Fax 413.369.4237
[email protected]
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Emergency Assistance  – Shelburne State Police Dispatch
911 or 413-625-8200
Town Administrator Thomas HutchesonTown Office
413-369-4235 x3, [email protected]
Assistant to the TA  Lisa Turowsky, Town Office
413-369-4235 x0, [email protected]
Select Board Members

*Please note that Board/Committee chairs are subject to change at the beginning of each fiscal year; this is the list for FY2018.

Accountant Michael Kociela, Town Office – FRCOG Program

413-369-4235 x0, [email protected]

Ambulance Director Gemma Vanderheld
413-369-4235 x9, [email protected]
Animal Control Officer Joseph Colucci
413-369-4178, lesleecolu[email protected]
Assessor Natalie Whitcomb, Town Hall
413-369-4235 x5, [email protected]
Board of Health (Carl Nelke, Chair)
413-369-4235 x8, [email protected]
Board of Selectmen (John O’Rourke, Chair)
[email protected]
Capital Improvements Planning Committee (Dana Goodfield, Chair)
[email protected]
Community Preservation Committee (Peter Zale, Chair)
[email protected]
Conservation Commission (John Gates, Chair)
[email protected]
Brian Blakeslee, Ronald Hawkes, James Recore
Council on Aging (Patricia Lynch, Chair)
413-369-4284, [email protected]
Cultural Council (Polly Byers, Chair)
413-369-6022, [email protected]
Emergency Management Director George Murphy
413-768-1949, [email protected]; [email protected]
Energy Committee  (Peter Martin, Chair)
[email protected]
Finance Committee (Alan Singer, Chair)
[email protected]
Fire Chief /Enhanced 911 Coordinator Robert Baker
413-369-4087, [email protected]
Franklin County Cooperative Inspection Program (FCCIP)  413-774-3167
Building Commissioner & Zoning Enforcement Officer –  Jim Hawkins, x113
Local Inspector – to be determined, x110
Electrical Inspector – Tom McDonald, x115
Plumbing and Gas Inspector – Andy French, x112
Zoning and Software Assistant – Paul Lemelin, x114
Departmental Clerk – Chris Brothers, x109
Franklin County Solid Waste District Representative
Lynn Rubinstein, 802-254-3636
[email protected]
Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) Representative John P. O’Rourke
[email protected]
Franklin Regional Planning Board Representative Thomas Hutcheson
413-369-4235 x3, [email protected]
Board of Health (Carl Nelke, Chair)
413-369-4235 x8, [email protected]
Highway Superintendent Ronald Sweet
413-369-4235 x10, [email protected]
Historical Commission (Sarah Williams, Chair)
Field Memorial Library (Carol Baldwin, Director)
413-369-4646, [email protected]
Moderator J. Nicholas Filler
Open Space Committee (Janet Chayes, Chair)
413-369-4697, [email protected]
Parks, Recreation & Trails Committee 
[email protected]
Planning Board (Co-Chairs: Joseph Strzegowski, 413-369-4937
 Mary McClintock)
[email protected]
Police Chief Kenneth D. Ouimette
413-369-4235 x 7, [email protected]
Board of Registrars
Contact: Town Clerk (above)

School Committee Chairs

Elaine Campbell, Chair – [email protected]

Cyndie Ouimette, Frontier Regional School – [email protected], 413-369-4710

Brian Kuzmeskus, Franklin County Technical School – [email protected], 413-369-9986
School Superintendent Lynn Carey
Town Clerk Virginia Knowlton,  Town Office
369-4235 x4, [email protected]
Town Counsel John Fitz-Gibbon
Contact: Town Administrator (above)
Treasurer/Tax Collector Janice WarnerTown Office
413-369-4235 x2, [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer/Tax Collector Lynn KaneTown Office
413-369-4235 x1, [email protected]
Tree Warden Walter Goodridge
(413) 369-4685, [email protected]
Veterans’ Services Officer Brian Brooks
413- 772-1571,  [email protected]
Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District
Veterans’ Graves Officer Don Graham
(413) 475-2498, don.grahamthej[email protected]
Zoning Board of Appeals (Mark Silverman, Chair)
Contact: Town Administrator, [email protected]