Conway FAQs

Q: The Whately beach offers admission to Conway residents for a $50 per season fee. Is a similar arrangement in place for use of the Conway swimming spot? Thanks.

A: No. Only residents and their guests can use the privately owned Conway Community Swimming Pool.  Please note that the pool is a not owned by the Town.  More information can be found at

Q: I read a postcard announcing a private fireworks display near the intersection of Boyden and Mathews Roads this Saturday evening (July 17). Can such displays receive permits from the Fire Marshall (or whomever) and be legal?

A: Any fireworks display must be permitted by the Fire Chief.

Q: Why is it that tiny towns in Vermont and new Hampshire have access to dsl/high speed internet and we do not ? I am talking about towns in new Hampshire with less then 500 residents and still in the middle of nowhere and dozens of miles away from town and yet they have dsl?

A: The Conway Broadband Committee is currently working with Comcast, the MBI and Wireless West to try to acquire high-speed access for the Town. Other states have come to a separate state-wide agreement.

Q: I have seen several town-related news items in the past couple of issues of the The Visitor that are not on the town website. Why are they not posted on the web? If I subscribe to the site these are the kinds of things that I want to see notices about, I don’t want to have to go looking for them in the Visitor.

A: The Visitor is not a Town paper.  We do not always coordinate with them, but you do have a good point.  We may try to make both sources more cohesive in the future.