Town Clerk

Virginia A. Knowlton

Town Office
369-4235 x4
[email protected]
Office Hours : Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays  9:00AM – Noon  

Please License Your Dog

STATE LAW REQUIRES that dogs be licensed each year.  Licenses are available from the Town Clerk on Tues., Thurs., and Fri. mornings between 9 a.m. and noon.  Owners who find the hours inconvenient may purchase licenses by mail at P.O.Box 240, Conway – please include SASE bearing 70-cents postage.

Make checks payable to the Town of Conway – Males and Spayed Females are $3.00 each; Females are $6.00 each.  The following information must accompany all requests:  Owners name and address, Dog’s name, age, breed color and gender; a current rabies certificate.  Proof of a current rabies vaccination is essential!!!

Please be prompt.  Licenses expire annually on March 31.  After July 1, owners are subject to a $10.00 fine in addition to the regular licensing fee for each unregistered dog in their household.


 Have You Been Sworn?

TO ALL Elected and Appointed Town Officers and Committee Members: State law provides that all elected and appointed persons acting on behalf of the residents of the town appear before the Town Clerk to be sworn to the faithful performance of their duties before taking any action related to the office that they hold.  This includes persons that are re-appointed or re-elected.

Resignations must be made to the Town Clerk before they become effective.

Posting Meetings

ALL BOARD AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS must become familiar with the Open Meeting Law. Please be reminded that legally posting a meeting requires providing the town clerk with written notice of the meeting at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting date and time.

You may place your own notice on the town bulletin board providing that it contains the date and time of posting and a copy of the notice with the posting information has been provided to the clerk. The Meeting Notice (posting form) is available for your convenience.

If you need an updated copy of the law, or if you have not signed an acknowledgement indicating that you have read and understand the law, please contact the clerk.

Conflict of Interest

WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS, all Elected and Appointed Town Officers and Committee members as well as town employees are required to complete on-line training provided by the State Ethics Commission and supply the clerk with a copy of their certificate of completion.  The certification expires after two years and the exam must be taken again. Please contact the clerk at 369-4235 ext 4 to confirm whether or not a record of your certification is on file.  Written instruction for taking the test is available in the clerk’s office.