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Treasurer/Tax Collector – Janice Warner
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Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9am to 3pm


As you may recall, the fall tax bill included a notice explaining that it was an estimated bill and that the spring payment would be higher.

What is a final bill and why is it higher than last fall’s bill?

The tax bill sent out last fall for the first half of FY2014 was an estimated bill.  The final FY2014 property values were just recently set and this new bill reflects the final approved taxable value for FY2014 and this year’s tax rate of $15.68. The estimated tax that you paid in the fall is shown as a payment on this spring’s final bill.  Please see the back of the bill for important abatement and exemption information.

Why is the tax rate higher?

The greatest portion of the increase is in the Frontier Regional High School assessment.  Other factors include decreased property values, principal payment on the school roof loan and use of free cash to offset last year’s tax rate.   All expenditures were approved at the Annual Town Meeting in May 2013.

How does Conway compare to other nearby towns?

Conway has been in the lower half of regional tax rates for 8 of the past 10 years, and still is in FY14. Buckland Whately, Williamsburg and Ashfield all have tax rates higher than ours this year. Conway’s overall change in the 10-year period remains near the regional median of 7%.  For more detail please see four documents on the Assessor’s web page.

If you have questions, please feel free to call Town staff:

For general questions:                              Town Administrator          (413) 369-4235 x3

For tax rate and evaluation questions:  Assessors                             (413) 369-4235 x5

For payment information:                       Tax Collector                       (413) 369-4235 x1 or 2

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